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Little England - Mateřská škola / Preschool

Our aim is to help
your child build
a solid foundation

…for their future

Educational Content

Early childhood is characterized by fast moving development and ability to learn quickly. Young children are developing physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. All these areas are related and interdependent on one another. All children are curious, eager to learn and discover new things. The most natural way to do this is in child’s play. Child’s play integrates already acquired knowledge, skills and experiences. It also helps children to clarify information and discover their surroundings. Therefore a child’s play is the key element at Little England Nursery and Preschool.

Our Nursery’s educational programme is unique with proven previous success. We use the most effective and modern methodological practices that integrate the British National Curriculum for Early Years (EYFS) accompanied by elements from the Montessori Program. The fusion of our educational program with stimulating environment and opportunities for experimental learning guarantees progress in the key areas of a child’s developmentWe evaluate this progress regularly. Teachers engage with the child, they observe him/her playing and participating in various activities. They use collected data to plan individual activities and create individual goals that lead to further development of every single child in our setting.

Areas of Development

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development includes for example adaptation to the new environment, building new relationships, confidence etc.

• Language Development includes development of passive and active vocabulary, speech, communication, first children stories which lay foundation for Literacy

• Creative Development focuses on the use of imagination in different areas such as play, art, music etc.

• Physical Development consists of gross and fine motor skills, personal hygiene and healthy eating habits

• Knowledge and Understanding of the World consists of eg. orientation in child’s surroundings, understanding daily schedule and routine, the first use of modern technologies

• Mathematical Development includes first shapes, colours, numbers etc.


Od prvního okamžiku, kdy jsme vstoupili do prostor školky Little England jsme věděli, že je to „to pravé“ pro našeho syna! Bylo to v době, kdy školička byla teprve ve svých začátcích, ale přesto perfektně připravena, jak profesionálním týmem pedagogů...

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Při první návštěvě Little England mě velmi mile překvapilo množství místa a světla, které prostředí školky a jesliček nabízí, a take přístup učitelek byl na první pohled skvělý. Naše děti začali navštěvovat školku a jesle hned první školní den 2. 9. 2015...

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